Privacy Policy

If you don't want to use the app or be tied to any of this, you can install it yourself for free, via pip or the source code on github

If you do use, please note. We store as little as possible, if anything.

Files uploaded are deleted after two hours and files converted are deleted after 24 hours. In order to limit the abuse, we log the IP address that did a conversion when a file is converted, there is no association to files and IP address. After one hour the IP address is deleted so it is free to do another conversion.

If you sign up, we ask for an email. If you pay, we use merchant processors that ask for things required by law.

Also if you sign up, we display your converted files in your dashboard, to make it easier for our users.

At some point we might add more things to this. But in general, it wont change much. We use GoAccess for visitor information, anynomized.

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